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Online Payment Guidelines

  • GM Financial is unable to receive payments from outside the U.S. (Canada and military installations outside the U.S.).
  • GM Financial is unable to cancel a payment once the payment is submitted and authorized. Please contact your financial institution to cancel a payment.
  • Only personal or commercial checking accounts can be used.
  • The minimum payment you can make online is $10.00.
  • The maximum payment you can make online is $2,500.00.
  • The payment amount that will be shown on your online check is the total amount due for your account. This could include past due amount, any late fees accrued, taxes due, or other amounts due.
  • To ensure on-time payment, please allow up to two business days for payments to post to your account (excluding weekends and bank holidays).
  • GM Financial is not responsible for payment delays.
  • If your account is past due, a GM Financial representative may contact you until your account reflects the posted payment.
  • Postdated checks are not accepted.

Sample Personal Check

Image of sample personal check.  The nine-digit routing number is at bottom left. The ten-digit account number is bottom center. The check number is at bottom right.